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Texas Sister Cities International


Texas Sister Cities Association is  committed to excellence not only in the community for also in National  and International affairs.  It is our responsibility to provide  leadership and give back to the community as much as we possibly can.  In recent years, Texas Sister Cities  Association has led or participated in many successful events.


TxSCI Needs Your Help

Dear Texas Sister Cities Member

National SCI is currently going before congress to increase our annual funding.  To help with this request would you please send me the following information:

          1.  The number of youth exchanges you had in  2008 and with  which of  your Sister Cities. This is your program going abroad, and your city partners coming to the US - please differentiate.

          2.  How many of your youth participated?

          3.  How were they funded?

          4.  Describe the nature of the exchanges.  Art, sport, etc.    

          5.  If you had adult exchanges, please send that data as well.

          6.  Are you planning to add any additional cities to your partnerships in the near future?

Thank you for your help with this program audit.  I hope to have good news on our efforts for you this spring.


Dianne Egan

817.292.0753  or  817.937.1523                                                                                          diannedancer55@hotmail.com

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